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Rossini al Teatro – Review 2013

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Hotel Rossini a pearl on the Italian Riviera

Rossini al Teatro | Imperia, Italy

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I had the pleasure of staying 2 years in a row at Hotel Rossini in Imperia, in May 2012 and June 2013… The service is execellent and the place has that subdued contemporary elegance that makes it very comfortable.

My particular thanks are to the director, Mr Alberto Tita, a gentleman whom gave hospitality and service its true meaning. I had the opportunity to see Alberto’s service dedication on more than one occasion. But the most memorable is once he helped me get my suitcases into the taxi trunk and said goodbye i thought that i was done with Hotel Rossinin for now.

While at the train station I suddenly realized that i had left my IPad in my room back at the hotel!! and my Milan bound train was 10 minutes away so i called the hotel in a panic asking what they could do. To make the story short, at 3 minutes before my train showed up Alberto was on the platform with my IPad in his hand rasied high so i could see it as it was crowded. Please picture the fact that day there was a demonstration in downtown Imperia which made his 5 minutes drive something akin to a miracle. Many thanks to Alberto and i hope that his tenure at this hotel and his extreme dedication to to the highest standards of European hospitality traidtions will make this hotel other people’s first choice as their destination in Imperia and the Italian Riviera.

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