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EVOO and Health Benefits

There a number of articles published regularly outlining the benefits of EVOO. Less than a week ago this article was published: The Health benefits of EVOO .

One of the challenges in identifying the specific benefits of EVOO is that it has never been possible to link in a convincing way, health improvements to the consumption of EVOO. But if one agrees that EVOO has been part of the mediterranean diet for thousands of years then expecting changed=s in a short term would not do it justice. The consumption would have been generational around the mediterranean and therefore the benefits would have been already built in.

Now, for other areas discovering the beauty and greatness of EVOO , then the issue can be dealt with differently. It would be helpful to know how EVOO affect the health of people who decide to make the switch at 100%. The issue would also to check the type of diet and physical activity people do actually get involved in. The question that is very much at the center of all the potential claims made with scientific authority , is what else the people being assessed are doing. Are they walking everyday? are they exercising regularly, are they eating in a particular pattern conducive to metabolic health.

We may be facing a very challenging prospect. In the absence of the public trust and its corollary , supporting the worthy cause of helping achieving their potential in a very down to earth and inexpensive way.

My hope is that we change course and support the real people involved in this field and have done so for decades and have been derided and pushed aside.

Lets try and enhance our health based on the best available science !!

Signing Off

Don Emilio


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