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Most Expensive EVOO in the World

Updated: 6 days ago

In the premium and ultra premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils , there is one that stands above all for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with being a snub. few people can afford it and frankly it was never designed as a mass consumption product.

Produced in Tuscany by Armando Manni , the MANNI Organic Olive Oil is the only olive oil that maintains its extra virgin quality i.e its organoleptic profile and polyphenol content for 3 years!!

Even the best of the best can only achieve that for a few months and maybe slightly more if kept in exceptionally good conditions of temperature and darkness.

Manni works closely with the University of Florence to achieve this notable outcome, the result of which the oils are only sold in small containers usually 100 ml ( 3.4 fl) and is carried by 2 star Michelin and other high end restaurants such as the French Laundry in California.

This was a post i needed to write and i like to see craftsmanship in all things. Will i go out of my way to get this one ?, i doubt it ....but someone has set the bar very high and that will encourage all of us to raise our game. One of my all time favorites that i had the pleasure to enjoy about 6 years ago, is the Franci Villa Magra Grand cru. Like a fine Bordeaux wine this Tuscan iconic EVOO is magnificent. You would remember it forever if you had the famous bistecca alla fiorentina, . The oil would be drizzled on it before and after cutting the meat.

Always enjoy your olive oil.

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