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In what seems the beginning of the end of a once glorious civilization, the word food is fading away from our vocabulary. We hear about diet , nutrition and horror of horrors “grab a bite” is heard  at lunch time in offices around the world.

Michael Pollan puts it beautifully in his book  In Defence of Food”, what we truly have is “food-like substances” for reasons he expands on in his work.

In this new paradigm that has caused havoc in people’s health , we are now in the realm of the wizard of Oz , where natural meats and fats are the subject of possible prohibition for reasons that have yet to be explained rationally.


Food is ancient, as old as human existence on earth. Food culture maybe less ancient but is still counted in thousands of years, for instance Winemaking at least 8000 years old and Olive oil at least 6000.

They both have stood the test of time…..

The story of food is a wonderful story to be told, we cannot tire of telling as it is part of our essence.

In the 4th century B.C., a Greek Sicilian General from Gela, Archestratos, was also known as the “Dedalus of tasty dishes”  due to his passion for epicurean pursuits.

After he left the military, he proceeded to sail the Mediterranean sea and research the various culinary traditions of that time. He recommended what dishes to have where.

A glimpse of his discoveries was found in his poems entitled Hedypatheia (meaning “Life of Luxury”). It is believed that more poems were written by him than the few fragments found. The few that were translated revealed a sophistication and a passion for food and wine that we would still find amazing today.

The way the Ancients were so passionate about food and wine and how depending on one’s means, one could they access very fresh ingredients ……..

But since at present, the notion of the “good life” has spread, has been democratized if you will, we believe that many more people would want to share in the concept of “Affordable Luxury” or at least it is our hope..

Don Emilio was established to abide by this manifesto for food culture and share knowledge about the pursuit of the Good Life in our time, which like Archestratos and his poems, will be presented with style and elegance…

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