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Ristorante Salvo Cacciatori – Review 2013

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Cacciatori In Imperia – Great fresh fish and pesto

Ristorante Salvo Cacciatori | Imperia, Italy

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I had the pleasure of eating at Salvo Cacciatori twice during my stay , the week of June 10th while in Imperia … It is an elegant place with truly great service and food. On both occasions I ordered fresh catch of day that the owner brings on a tray….. Grilled fresh fish is something that I enjoy and being in a city on the Italian Riviera by the Mediterranean sea …how can you go wrong?

The fish was truly fresh and delicate .. it was grilled to perfection in its entirety with its head on. The first time the Owner did remove the bones and head for me but the second time I asked to do it for myself. It was accompanied by grilled vegetables and the dinner was finished with a platter of local goat cheeses….. Perfect meal and enjoyable ….The wine selection was great and prices adequate for a place of this quality.

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