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Praise for "High End" EVOO

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Epoch times published an article in early January 2022, where they reiterate a known fact that "High end" Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not come cheap. The reasons are quite simple: premium olive oil is usually harvested before the olives ripen , except in areas such Corsica, where ripened black olives are preferred in their premium AOC EVOO so as to provide a less pungent taste yet delicate in the finish.

If harvested early in the season, the yield is less, therefore the quantity is less but the organoleptic features such as pungency ( pepperiness) and others would be present in particular with Oils from Tuscany ( Laudemio - Antinori , Frescobaldi).

I always like to separate my EVOOs into cooking and finishing. I know the nonsense of not cooking with Olive oil. It is an absolute " n'importe quoi" as the French would say.

Always enjoy your EVOO

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