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Nonna’s Cucina Ristorante – Review 2016

Great Food, Great Service!

Nonna’s Cucina Ristorante | Burlington, Ontario

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At Nonna’s Cucina the pizzas are great but that’s not all. The restaurant has 2 bars adjacent yet divided by a wall. The space is pleasant and flows from the tasting room at the back through the main dining room, the bar and finally the newly renovated area.

It is like a mini complex if you will, featuring a wine bar, a full service restaurant and a bakery /cafe. As implied in the title of this review, the service is great, discrete, fast and pleasant. Now, how about the food and wine? Every day of the week has a feature. A personal favorite is half priced wines on Wednesdays!!

The pizzas are truly great… they seem to be their own creations as they are neither Roman nor Napolitan, more something in between. The pie is firm yet very thin and not soft fluffy edges nor is it soggy in the middle. The toppings are for every taste…

They also are very accommodating: if you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy just ask and they will find a way to satisfy the most discerning of palates. What I truly like about this place is that they didn’t try to wow us with molecular cuisine or some other avant-guard concept, instead they called the restaurant “Nonna’s Cucina” , Grandma’s Kitchen in Italian, signifying that tradition and down to earth cooking, like real home cooking is available here. It is made with fresh and wholesome ingredients, the portions are generous and the atmosphere pleasant and enjoyable.

A word on the pasta and sauces: great. I couldn’t sign off without talking about the hot sauce that they make right there and called what else – ”Nonna’s”!! It‘s not for the faint hearted and they used to sell it at the bakery, spicy and tasty. The bakery is now closed but they continue selling the hot sauce at the restaurant.

Although located in a suburban setting, commercial plaza type, once inside it feels like a comfortable and familiar neighbourhood restaurant.

Avail yourself of their specials every day of the week and when live music is on. Definitely worth a visit anytime.


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