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Chez Papa – Review 2014

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

A Taste of Provence in America

Chez Papa | San Francisco, California

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We had dinner at Chez Papa in San Francisco on Halloween night October 2013…. The restaurant was full and people were still lining up. Mind you it is a small dinning room with an open kitchen … Only a couple of exterior tables were available and since there was an overhead heater we decided to go for it.

We loved every minute of it, the Bordeaux wines were superb and the food had that unmistakable provencal smell of butter , garlic, herbs and all around delicious aromas… we had all the classics, escargots, duck, pate, tapenade etc… but the roast bone marrow was truly great.

Add to that a vibrant street halloween night scene with parents and kids in costumes filling up the streets of this corner of Portero Hill and you had the making of a memorable night out.


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