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Benchmark Restaurant – Review 2016

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Culinary Excellence at Niagara College

Benchmark Restaurant at Niagara College | Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario

This article also appears on Urbanicity and TripAdvisor.


In the heart of the Niagara region lies a picturesque Niagara College Campus, famous for its culinary programs that include wine and beer production on site. To start the experience, enjoy a tasting in the winery, which like all the facilities on campus is designed to let you see through to great vistas. In this case, take in the vineyard abutting the large and bright tasting room. You can then walk down to enjoy the amazing landscape architecture flowing and meandering like well crafted symphony.

The Benchmark Restaurant is as beautifully designed as the tasting room, with circular, curved glass walls. Located on campus, it is staffed by students under the supervision of faculty. The food served is made of fresh ingredients, mostly locally sourced, and includes expertly assembled pâtés and charcuterie.

The menu is nicely put together with a variety of dishes certain to win over even the most discerning gourmand. The charcuterie board followed by artisan pizza (when it is on the menu) are excellent, and so is the medium rare grilled tenderloin. Rounding off the meal with an exquisitely presented cheese board should be de rigueur, as should pairing all this food with wines produced at the college from local grapes. The terroir concept is alive and well at the Benchmark, as well as the larger Niagara College Campus.


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