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Baci Ristorante – Review 2016

A Warm and Friendly Place

Baci Ristorante | Hamilton, Ontario

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Baci Ristorante was designed primarily for the guests of the Hotel where it is located but it has become a favorite venue for many including seniors, families, couples and young patrons.

Its look and feel is very pleasant, open to the bar, the pizza oven and the kitchen. Seeing all the busy people working at the restaurant makes one forget that this is in a suburban area and would easily be in the downtown of a cosmopolitan city.

The antispati menu offers a number of choices, salads and traditional options such as Arancini, served in large portions and is very tasty.

The food is what is commonly known as Italian in Canada i.e. a mixture of regional cuisines including Southern (pizza and pasta) and Northern Italian (polenta and risotto). The antispati menu offers a number of choices, salads and traditional options such as arancini, served in large portions and is also very tasty. Few items on the menu would challenge palates not used to more authentic dishes such as rabbit (cognilio) with polenta and lamb shank (agnello) on a bed of pasta…

The pizzas come in all sorts of varieties, not necessarily truly compliant with the old world way, be it Naples or Rome but they are delicious nonetheless… One of the current pizzaiolos trained in eastern Sicily for the better part of a year at a family restaurant and was proudly showing his skill by flipping the dough and applying toppings with style and cutting the baked pizza pie with great precision. An entertaining sight if you sit at the oven area bar counter.

Lunch portions are smaller allowing for a short visit for those in hurry. The wine list is designed for affordability and it works well with the fare. Baci created a simple (not simplistic mind you) menu that appeals to a variety of tastes and the execution is consistent day in day out.

Another advantage to note is that unlike other European restaurants in the City of Hamilton, Baci is opened on Mondays, presumably because of the hotel guests.

All in all a very good place to visit for any occasion.


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