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In search of affordable luxury
”One does not live by bread alone”  


Ponte Vecchio , Florence

Every day we hear about new thoughts on food and fitness but in many cases we are dealing with choices that defy the foundations of a true food culture rooted in centuries of human experience.


We will bring stories and snapshots of what transpires as they become news and provide our thoughts and comments on each.


Around the world food is sacred and vital to our survival but is also part of our respective cultures wherever we are. We cannot separate food , cooking eating and congregating from the way people live.

Wine and Cheese

As ancient as it comes this beverage , was believed, in ancient Greece,  to have  been created by Dionysus the God of Wine. While for the Romans , Bacchus , the son of Jupiter, Bacchus, known as the Great Reveler was their God of Wine.

Let’s go on a journey of discovery of its nature, taste , uses and parings with foods.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil ……. Another pillar of our food culture. A few call it a condiment others argue that it is a functional food although admittedly not a whole food.

Let’s explore its history, use and learn its qualities and how to incorporate it in our cooking as well as how it pairs with our foods.

EVOO Connoisseur Mel Gedruj
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