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Long ago, in the 4th century B.C., Archestratus, a Greek Sicilian General from Gela, after he left the military,  proceeded to sail the Mediterranean sea and research the various culinary traditions of that time. He gave us a glimpse of his discoveries in his poems entitled Hedypatheia (meaning “Life of Luxury”). It is believed that more poems were written by him than the sixty-two fragments found by researchers. The few that were translated revealed a sophistication and a passion for food and wine that we would still find amazing today.

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Salvatore’s – Review 2016
Don Emilio

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04 Oct 2016

Salvatore’s – Review 2016

Authentic Italian in Burlington Salvatore’s | Burlington, Ontario This article also appears on TripAdvisor. Previously located on Lakeshore East in Oakville, Salvatore’s moved this year to downtown Burlington. Sure enough it is located on Lakeshore again, facing Spencer Smith Park and the famous Pier. The décor is simple but elegant with white cloth table covers and a small patio a couple of steps above the...

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