About Don Emilio

Long ago, in the 4th century B.C., Archestratus, a Greek Sicilian General from Gela, after he left the military,  proceeded to sail the Mediterranean sea and research the various culinary traditions of that time. He gave us a glimpse of his discoveries in his poems entitled Hedypatheia (meaning “Life of Luxury”). It is believed that more poems were written by him than the sixty-two fragments found by researchers. The few that were translated revealed a sophistication and a passion for food and wine that we would still find amazing today.

In it, Archestratus described the best foods of the Mediterranean. The way the Ancients were so passionate about food and wine and how depending on one’s means, could access to very fresh ingredients be affected…….. But since at present, the notion of the “good life” has spread, has been democratized if you will, we believe that many more people would want to share in the concept of “Affordable Luxury”.

We have established Don Emilio to share knowledge about the Good Life in our time, which like Archestratus and his poems, will be presented with style and elegance… And when the stars finally align,  the Olive Oil Academy may very well be the cornerstone of this edifice, but the Good Life marches on……….