Red Stone Winery – Review 2016 EVOO / Food / Review / Wine

Another Jewel in the Tawse Terroir Collection Empire

Red Stone Winery | Beamsville, Ontario
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As promised with the advent of good weather, we will explore more of the Niagara wine region and its many offerings:

Moray Tawse is a well known and respected name in the Canadian wine world. The Tawse winery won Canada’s winery of the year 3 years in a row 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Now Mr Tawse has opened another great winery at the border of Beamsville and Lincoln with access from King Street. Using the same winemaking team as at Tawse led by Paul Pender, they added a hospitality team for the Red Stone restaurant led by the very talented Chef David Sider.

The look is contemporary but with a very elegant touch of glass, stone and wood. The building is beautifully designed, reminiscent of a blend of iconic American Frank Lloyd Wright and Canadian Arthur Erickson stylish touch, augmented by a subtle play on lines, volumes and rooflines. The place is very well laid out with great functionality for staff and visitors alike.


The tasting room on the south side is connected to the restaurant and features a wine preserving unit in the centre of the second room.
One can dine al fresco on the patio overlooking the vineyards or enjoy a glass of wine in the outdoor lounge area.

The menu, whether lunch or dinner or simply at the bar is impressive and the execution flawless. At dinner try the pork belly served in spoons or the salmon appetizer. There is also house made terrine of short rib and foie gras and fresh cut fries cooked 3 times (in Belgium they do it twice!!), the roasted Tawse Lamb presented like a work of art.

Lunch can be a pizza or fish (Halibut) and chips with the lightest crisp batter you would ever taste. This place is what excellence is all about, cheerful and professional staff. Great service, the wine and the food are truly a cut above. Made a note: will return often.